Philosophy of X





Do you the best you can do.







AI is about to change the world.







When you're thirsty, drink water.







At their fingertips,
the children of this generation have
all the info they need to be
whatever they want to be,
just add focus.







When i look at male and female genitalia and think about the functionality,
it only takes a tiny bit of common sense to realize the nature of it.







The wider your view, the more you see.







i know this is sexist to say, but the truth is the truth...

Women on average, are better human beings than men.

To me,
this is another piece of evidence
that there are true differences between men and women.

There are pros and cons to both genders.
The wise couple recognizes this and takes advantage
of the strengths of each gender and work out how to handle the weaknesses.
If they do this,
there is a more complete wholeness developed in both individuals
and a stronger foundation of marriage blossoms.







Don't fight for things you don't fully understand.
Up until a fight,
it should be a thorough discussion.







Cultivate friends.







In a world of business,
it's ironic that the best OS is free.







When i die,
God can put me wherever he wants.

If like the "Golden Rule",
He puts me, where people treat me the way i treated people,
i'm cool with that place, are you?

Thank U to everybody that ever loved me.







You can't blame people for their innocence.







One day you will be history, what will your history be?
We are making our histories today, this hour, this minute,
right now.







If an attorney's job
were to lay out the truth the best they know it,
instead of pushing a narrative that may be fiction or non,
we could change society overnight.

Obviously overnight is a gross exaggeration,
but we'd clearly be heading in the right direction.







I've been amazed
that the argument of climate change
has centered around what causes it
and not the fact that it's happening.

If it's man made, regulate it.
If it's naturally made, deal with it.

We don't sit in the snow and get frostbite,
we build homes and keep them warm.
We adjust nature for our well-being.

If companies are damaging our common environment,
then stop them.
Don't just charge them fees ("fines")
to damage the environment,
put them out of business,
so another business can step in and do it right.







My only problem with YouTube is the censoring
of genuine attempted positive ideas.







The foundation of how we co-exist through eternity
was sacrificially delivered by Jesus.






Prince was the Elvis of his generation.







There are valuable lessons learned in failure.







"Fake News" on the one side
and "Fake News" on the other side
= 0 communication.







We are all legends.
What kind of legend are you?







"Record number of people worldwide
are moving toward starvation,
U.N. warns"

i'd say something, but it's already been said.

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched,
every rocket fired signifies in the final sense,
a theft from those who hunger and are not fed,
those who are cold and are not clothed.

This world in arms is not spending money alone.
It is spending the sweat of its laborers,
the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.
This is not a way of life at all in any true sense.
Under the clouds of war,
it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron."







In the American culture,
if it weren't for the existence of anti-depressants,
there would be many many more alcoholics and drug addicts.

Depression is a symptom of a depressing place.
An anti-depressant is a bandaid on a broken arm.
Eventually we have to deal with problems of our reality
that are stacking up as we sit comfortably numb.







In the news,
Dying People,
"In Buffalo,
the president was confronting anew the forces of hatred
he frequently says called him back to seek the White House.

“Jill and I have come to stand with you,
and to the families, we have come to grieve with you,"
Biden said.
He added:
“Now’s the time for people of all races,
from every background,
to speak up as a majority and American
and reject white supremacy.”

Replacement theory is a racist ideology,
which has moved from white nationalist circles to mainstream,
that alleges white people and their influence
are being intentionally “replaced” by people of color.""

They call it a theory, but just 4 months ago
i posted an example of just this type of replacement
by Joe Biden (scroll down further to read it).
Biden's words in January were not a theory,
they are quoted right out of his mouth.
He said that he would replace the supreme court seat
with a woman who is black.
Woman and black are the base qualifications for the seat to be filled.
If you are a judge of any other race or gender,
you are immediately disqualified based on your race and/or gender,
not on your legal knowledge and expertise.

This action is racist. Joe Biden is a racist.

I'll repeat what i said on 11AUG2020,
"racism produces more racists".

Joe Biden's racists ways are producing more racists.







Guns don't shoot people, people shoot people.
If you put a loaded hand gun on a table,
it will never point itself at somebody and pull the trigger.
It takes a finger.

The problem isn't the gun, knife, crowbar, poison, fist, etc.......
it's that someone chose to murder.

Where there is a will, there is a way.
If someone's will is to murder they will find a way.

Stabbed to Death

Strangled to Death

Beaten to Death

The sad part about the links i provided above
is that the stabbed, strangled and beaten people are all recent murders.
The links i provide are simply instant searches at Google of these types of murder.

If you want to ban something to stop murder,
you need to ban humans.













Lust feels as natural as hunger.







"a presidential campaign promise,
President Joe Biden pledged to nominate
a Black woman to the Supreme Court"

By definition, Joe Biden is a racist and sexist.

The worst part about this is the fact that
the supreme court and legal scholars all over the country
are silent on this obvious racism.
These law educated leaders should be aware of
the power and potential danger of a precedent
and the simple fact that racism is wrong.







As you explore life, keeping your mind open,
the reality of God will naturally evolve and solidify beyond a belief,
it will become a reality.
This reality will no longer be a belief,
but a knowledge of God.







The American government is an extension of corporate America.