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Sometimes you have to learn to live with it.







Whoever throws the first punch,
is usually the first loser in an argument.







Knowing is greater than believing.







Be pro-life.
In other words,
help things that are alive.







If we fixate on a symbol, i.e. a cross,
we might fail to become conscious
to the message being delivered behind it.

It's not about a symbol,
it's about a message.

It's about becoming conscious.














Water feels good.







Racist ways from every race should not be tolerated.







The death of

is tragic.

After seeing the video,
i have no problem with the way the officer handled the situation.

Adam had a weapon and was resisting arrest.
In a dangerous environment,
the officer had a split second to figure out how to handle the situation.
Sure, there might have been 1 second
when Adam didn't have the gun in his hand,
but that's simply 1 second.

What person roaming the streets at night with a handgun
and resisting arrest is up to doing good?
According to the evidence,
Adam and Ruben had apparently already shot at a passing vehicle.

Why isn't anybody asking why a 13 year old
is roaming the streets at night with a handgun?
I haven't seen one person ask this obvious question.

Instead, people watch a video clip and declare the officer a murderer.
The officer didn't have the option to check a replay from the comfort of his home.
He had to make a difficult life and death decision in bad lighting
and in a split decision or his family may never see him again.
How well can you make that choice?
Put yourself in his shoes before you offer your opinion.
It takes brave heros to protect our community from people with guns,
doing suspicious things at night.

Why did Adam put everybody is this situation?
When are we going to finally start judging people by the content of their character
and not the shade of their brown?
Adam wasn't at choir practice,
he was a suspect fleeing the scene of a shooting.

I said it before and will say it until i don't have to,
If people didn't commit crimes and resist arrest,
90% of the cases people are protesting wouldn't exist.







Emasculation can harm and destroy a culture.







It doesnt matter if they believe in u,
u need to believe in u.







"Racism plain and simple"
("New York City Mayor called it")

She wrongly thought somebody stole her phone.
Anybody can make that mistake, she owes this kid an apology.
Maybe it's a crime to try to wrestle your seemingly stolen property back,
if so bust her for that.

There isn't a single piece of evidence in this story
pointing to her motivation being based on race.
She is assumed to be racist because of her race.
The only victim of racism in this story is clearly her.

Hey ABC,
what does alcohol have to do with this current story or racism?
i've been drunk many times and it didn't make me into a racist.
i've seen many people get drunk and it never made them into a racist.
This is simply a character attack for no apparent related reason.
Why didn't you tell us about her speeding tickets too,
they are just as relevant.

Hey Everybody,
Did you see how ABC news edited the clip to pause
on the crazy look from the woman's face?
Any one of us could have as crazy a look on our faces,
if you pause the video at a crazy frame.
Why ABC?

Obviously this clip was all the evidence ABC had of racism of this woman,
because if they had any real evidence,
it would be in the clip.

This just reminds me why we can't trust
the media to tell us what's going on.
i can't count how many times
i've seen the media shape and package stories
to fit a particular agenda.
It's crystal clear that we common people
need to seriously question the information fed to us
through these questionable organizations.

This is just another example of how misinformation
is tearing down the American culture.

When the only evidence in a "white" person's racism is the color of their skin,
the true racist is probably in the mirror.





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