Philosophy of X





Blindness is a symptom of hubris







In the news,

"Pentagon acknowledges flying unarmed drones over Gaza"


"The US has also sent two battleships to the eastern Mediterranean,
saying that they are there to prevent the war between Hamas and Israel from spreading."

America is part of the spread.







i'm not saying this is factual or not,
but considering the accuracy of "US Intelligence"
over the last couple decades
and the million plus lives lost over it's inaccuracy,
i don't consider US Intelligence is worth taking seriously.

Try counting to 1,000,000 and keep in mind
that every 1 you add to your count is a human life
that died because of US Intelligence.







If you're a father with a daughter,
be the man you hope your daughter will marry.
You are her first example of what a man is.
You are the first man she learned to love.







Government shutdown in America
is just like a yearly holiday,
an annual event.

i'm old enough to know
that this wasn't always the case.
Soon the older generations will die off,
along with their memory,
and we'll have the new norm.

This reminds me of boiling water
and a frog.







Be careful of what someone tells you,
they're limited to their perspective.







Corporate fines = Corporate fees.







If missing children received the same response
as missing rich people in their Titanic toys,
we'd have a lot less missing children.

Consider the titanic response.







The less you listen,
the less you learn.







A song is a ride.







If it is racist and wrong to give preferences
to "white" businesses,
i.e. "Shop White-owned businesses",
then it is racist and wrong to give preferences
to "Black" owned businesses.

It doesn't matter what race,
if the preference is based on race it's racist.

Here is a 60 year-old idea,

"I have a dream that my four little children
will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged
by the color of their skin but by their character."

why are you promoting just the opposite?
Do you not believe in Martin's dream?

Any business, organization or individual
who promotes preference based on race,
is holding back Martin's dream from fruition.







It's a lost culture when they don't know a man from a woman.
The differences between and the union of,
is a natural and holy thing.
So natural and holy that the actual physical union of
a man and a woman creates life, naturally.

In awe, is all i can be.







Aim for the middle.







Books are becoming antics.







i know there is a greater good,
i'm working for it.