Philosophy of X





Whether or not it ever makes it to to print,
everybody writes their own life story.
In a sense, we are all creating our own book of life.







Introspection naturally evolves with age.
As a matter of fact, it's as natural as age.







The only way someone can have a billion in the bank,
is to have many with little to none.







Hope that at the end of the day,
there is somebody who loves you.







More important than a healthy body is a healthy mind.







Media is often used to deliberately shape the minds of the masses,
pay attention and become aware.
After shaping, comes control.







The most frightening aspect of not learning about love,
is the potential of never knowing it.







Earth is a portal.







Maintaining physical health is more than half psychological.







The biggest change to the idea of war
that evolved out of the American war with Iraq,
is the fact that now corporations have armies.

i mean real armies with machine guns.
Next will it be tanks and planes.... missles?
It has become a business to wage and maintain war.
i wonder how those companies are doing
on the stock market?

America, wake up.







The guy on the outside
will one day merge with the guy on the inside.
i think the Christian idea of wholeness is a hint to this fact.
Try to evolve into something that you can be
content being for eternity.







Everytime i take a crap,
i'm reminded that i'm a mammal.
We are the first mammal on Earth to aquire the ability
to develop a conscious relationship with God.







We spend our life telling our story.







Men want,
women want to be wanted.







The religion that understands that a prophet is often a common man,
is a religion with a great potential to understand things
close to the common truth.