Philosophy of X





Just know that God is
and be who you want to be.
The Heavenly Father has delivered many prophets
throughout time and will forever, as guidance for you and me.
It seems that the summary of their messages
leads towards a happier way of being
for all types of people, from all over the Earth.
Spend your life striving to be happy within yourself.
Leave something positive to those around you,
who also have an equal inheritance to the dirt we call Earth.







In the News,

" Rome, Italy (CNN) U.N. chief: Hunger kills 17,000 kids daily
Somewhere in the world, a child dies of hunger every 5 seconds
even though the planet has more than enough food for all."

When i look at the statistics on
how much the world spends on war,
i wonder,
nobody actually has to die of hunger
in the whole wide world.
The people who rule the world have developed a missile
that can hit the other side of the planet
in minutes,
but can't seem to find a way to get food and water there.
Or if i'm wrong
and the technology exists
to get food and water there,
then why do they choose not to?
Any average billionaire in the world can step up and solve this.
How easy it is to step up and help,
multiples by exactly how many dollars you have.

Dying People







The only solution to preventing the massive economic fallout
of a major corporation failing, is to prevent businesses from
becoming that large.
It should be illegal to have a company so large that if it fails,
can cause a major disruption in the economy as a whole.







The study of death broadens one's perspective and path.







Question every person's interpretation of what's considered holy.







The first great 50 year-old football player,
usually starts with some great 40 year-olds.







It's amazing how hard the rich are fighting
to exploit the poor in the United States.







People say time doesn't exist.
i've seen time change people,
in other words, shape spirits.

For those who care to know,
time is temporary, but very real.







i have more ideas than time.







Your children become an extension of you.







Your today is most likely the result of your yesterday.







Earth is just a physical experience for the spiritual you.







In the News,
"CIA bars contractors from doing interrogations"
Contractor Interrogation

Wow, the contractors were allowed to interrogate?
i don't remember voting for that one.







We all seem to argue about what is absolute truth.
One piece of absolute truth that i know (without a shadow of a doubt),
one day all physical things on Earth will burn up in a supernova.

The one question you should answer before that,
is what have u got after that?
Introspection is healthy.
You can discover new things that live beyond the supernova.







For those that don't believe in a god,
let's say there isn't one.
Upon your physical death,
if you continue to exist in some kind of "after-life",
do you think others are currently there,
judging what kind of individual you are and
where you will fit in when you get there?
Don't they do that on Earth?







Consciousness is the blossom of the body.







The government is in such dire need for cash (billions upon billions).
My question is where did all the current taxes go?
Isn't the amount of tax money enough to make the government go round?
And if it isn't, aren't there questions to answer?
What about accountability?







A dream is a door into the spiritual realm.
How could it be anything other than that?

then you've got an interesting fact.







i can't think of a single good reason why the government
is giving our cell phone numbers to telemarketers.
i think i'm moving away from the idea of having a cell.