Philosophy of X





Jesus spoke of a Father, his Father, our Father.







Open, honest and unselfish dialogue
is what our society desperately needs.







In a society that murder, violence and wickedness
are forms of entertainment, it should be no surprise
that there is an abundance of murder, violence and wickedness.

When they murdered Cassie,
they were not looking for sex, money, to get even, etc....
they did it purely for entertainment.







When someone censors "uc" in "fuck" (i.e. f**k)
when chatting or in a news article or whatever,
they fail to realize that all they're doing is expressing
the same word and meaning with
different symbols.

In other words, "fuck" or any other "bad" word can be spelled
in many different ways, with many different symbols.
The word is still being conveyed.
Isn't conveying an idea exactly what symbols are for?
When i write, f**k war,
did my choice of symbols hinder the conveying of my thought?







Learn to live in a way that on average you are happy.
We are practicing for Eternity.







Collect friends on Earth.
A friend is the most valuable possession in Heaven.
A friendship is something that you can take with you
beyond death on Earth.
The greatest friendships are based in love and respect.







We are all of Heaven,
some of us know it and some of us don't.







Whatever you leave on Earth will shape the minds and spirits
of those coexisting with you,
well beyond your individual Gaiaian life.







You don't have to leave the atmosphere of Earth
or own a telescope to see life in outer space.







If a corporation like Halliburton or whoever
can have a machine gun equipped force,
why can't another corporate billionaire have a hired force
that will make sure food gets to the Africans that need it?
Isn't there a billionaire that will step up for the starving humans of Earth?
Some of you billionaires make millions a month.
Imagine the potential difference in all of the starving people's lives on Earth,
if some billionaire will commit to living off the billion they have,
and send the rest of that fat flow of money to a worthy cause?
How about a cause for people who don't own a house or a car, or a nice suit,
they just need something to eat to get them through the day?







There is more to life than Earth.







All religions and spiritualities speak through different cultures,
but in the end, they are telling the same story.







The people in position to hoard,
make life difficult for those who are not.







In the American government,
the republicans and democrats actually do things to derail each other.
For those that might be Christian and living in America,
don't forget,

"A house divided falls" (Matthew, Mark and Luke).

It's ironic that republicans and democrats work in a "House"
(House of Representatives).







Truth always prevails.
The sooner you face the truth,
the sooner you can accept and grow with it.