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The longer we suppress truth,
the longer it will take to fix our circumstances.







Life is too sophisticated to be by chance.








In the news,

" The White House has confirmed Thursday
that U.S has intelligence that Russia is developing
a capability to target satellites in space."


Why is this news?

Wikipedia put up a page discussing
the Russian anti-satellite system in 2008,
16 years ago.

Wikipedia Page

In the Wikipedia page,
President Carter responded to
the Russian anti-satellite system in 1978,
46 years ago.


" Kirby said the U.S. has been aware of Russia's pursuit
of the capability for many months, if not years,
but only in recent weeks now has the intelligence community
been able to assess with a higher sense of confidence
exactly how Russia continues to pursue it.

Kirby said, any anti-satellite capability
should be of general concern given humanity's reliance
on satellites for communication, navigation, weather forecasting and other functions.
Any capability that could disrupt that,
and that could therefore have some impact on services here on Earth
and across the world should be of concern to anybody."


" Starting in the late 1950s,
the United States began development of anti-satellite weapons."

i don't trust the United States government,
it's intelligence and especially whatever its "interests" are.







AI chat responds to you.
It's limited to your intellect.







Our personal information in our daily lives
is being collected, analyzed, cataloged and sold.
Oftentimes, legally.

Privacy is a thing of previous generations.







Express what you can, while you can.







Life doesn't go the way you dream it,
it goes and you make the best of it.







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