Philosophy of X





Mankind keeps looking deeper and deeper into physical reality
and keeps thinking that they'll eventually find the beginning of Life.
If you keep dividing DNA and Atoms, you'll always find two halves.
The beginning of Life lies in an investigation the opposite way.
In other words,
to explore the meaning and purpose of the two halves as a whole
and what comes after that.
This is evolution and evolution was created by God.







Praying in public with your mouth closed,
is an example to the rest of the world
of a relationship directly between God and u.
Often in America this is frowned upon and mocked,
but in reality it is one of the most beautiful things.
It's truly the goal of physical life on Gaia,
regardless of the brand of religious or
non-religious person it originates from.
It's with this type of relation that eternal life is even possible.
and then unlimited things become possible.
Wake up!







Humans: the most refined form of life on Earth.







Try to imagine a Heaven,
because one day we'll be there.







The world needs governments that serve the people they govern,
not corporations and special interest groups.