Philosophy of X






The great robbery of the American People.

Why give $5,000,000,000 of taxpayer money,
money out of the pockets of the people who work
9-5, swing-shift, graveyard, etc....,
to a company that just lost $5,000,000,000?
If they need it, they obviously lost it.

American Bailout







Anything is possible with the existence of a god.







To deny the existence of an "after-life",
is like denying the existence of a "current-life".







Yes it's true, we need to conserve the Earth.

Everybody needs to contribute to savin' it for whatever it's worth.







To be physically dead is like a Lucid dream,
or a permanent Lucidity.







Be very careful when defining your reality.

Be aware that the beginning of our earthly conscious realities
were built by the people and cultures around us.

Our initial understanding of reality could be right or wrong,
and is usually a conglomeration of both.

Weed through what you think you already know.







Call me old fashioned,
but there is something natural about a man being a man
and a woman being a woman.

There is a natural result that comes from this type of union,








i firmly believe that evolution, spirituality and God co-exist perfectly.







There are as many neuroses as there are people.







It amazes me that the United States spends all sorts of resources
to stop the drug dealers, but basically overlooks the fact
that at the other half of "supply and demand"
is demand.

Demand continues to grow in America
and the taxes and lives wasted on this "war on drugs" continues to grow.

i'm going out on a limb,
but i'd be willing to bet that in cultures that have a small demand for drugs,
probably have a small problem with drug activity.

America heavily uses drugs, legal and illegal.
Being a drug dealer in America is probably a very lucrative business to be in
(just ask the pharmaceutical companies).








If nuclear proliferation is something the so-called
"United Nations" is trying to prevent,
why do they allow America to spend billions of dollars
to maintain and continue to develop its huge nuclear stock pile?
The pile is so large, it can destroy the Earth many many times over.
The name "United Nations" sounds eerily close to the name "United States".







i think i can,
so i do.








i don't believe in "black" or "white" people,
just dark brown and light brown people.

We Americans tend to segregate ourselves with the words we use daily,
even when the words aren't true at face value
(i.e. "black" and "white" people).







The United States is heading toward great suffering.







Maturity isn't a number,
it's a state of mind.







The best dream interpreters are best friends and spouses.







If you're of the belief that Earth is a class,
a place to learn and grow, then consider this;

Whatever sparks your interest,
whatever draws you near,
have lessons to teach you.







Violence is out of control in America
and America has spread its violence to other parts of the world.

America might only have 2 official wars,
but it has its hands and money in many more conflicts
and has for years, even secretly.

We need to change now, not in November.







Most Christians don't understand this,
but the Christ declared numerous times that
he was the "son" of Allah (God).







The body is a conduit for a greater u.







Cultures and societies are direct descendants of each other.

Consciousness is like a ball of light
getting brighter and brighter.
It flickers dark to bright.
So powerful it'll live beyond the Earth,
into an eternal flowing wave of life.







Life is the story and study of consciousness.

At more advanced levels of consciousness,
is the realization of our relationship with the eternal God
and spiritual nature, among and within us.







The Christ teaches us that true death is a facade
and eternal life is ours to keep.