Welcome to my simple philosophy journal.

Over the years i’ve taken on all sorts of projects.
I’ve spent years studying people, religions, philosophy, music, etc…
I’ve learned a little bit about a lot of things.
The more i learn, the more i learn how little i know.

Somewhere along my way,
i decided i wanted to contribute something positive to the world.
I wanted to try to leave Earth a smidgen better then how i found it.

In the early 1990s, i started studying life.
As i digested more and more,
ideas would blossom out of my unconscious.
So i started keeping a simple journal of these ideas.
I wanted to express these ideas,
but didn’t want to write too many words.
I felt and still feel that in modern days we are too busy
to devote too much time studying the volumes of information on many topics.
I wanted to write ideas that are short and to the point.
Ideas that hopefully sparked thought.

I’m a left and right handed person.
I’m a creative and analytical person,

This is a collection of ideas
that have blossomed out of my unconscious.
Ideas surface from the unconscious into our consciousness,
like a submarine surfaces on the ocean.

The order I have these thoughts laid out on this website,
is that the newest ideas are first and as you read further they go back to 1994.

Oftentimes my thoughts might be related to what's going on in the world,
at that particular time.
Because i was born American, i also tend to have ideas
about what's happening in the American culture
and ideas about how the American culture
affects the rest of the world.

Some thoughts are related to eternal ideas
that are not confined to a particular time or culture.

i'm offering these ideas to the world,
hoping that somehow they can contribute
to making our planet a better place.

Here at philosophyofX.com,
i've placed my thoughts on various topics of life.
i've organized my thoughts by year,
choose the year from the menu above.

i don't claim to live by these philosophies,
i claim to be a student of them
and trying to implement them into my life.

with much brotherly love,