Philosophy of X





i pray that everybody has enough money
to get through the day.







American society needs to stop lying to "black" children.

If you're a "black" child in America keep dreaming,
because "black" people have become doctors, lawyers, astronauts, astronomers,
Nobel prize winners, professors, policemen, firemen, sportsmen, entrepreneurs,
and even president, etc.....

Don't believe the media when it tells you
that you're held back by the shade of your brown.

Strive, dream, become.....







Linux is the basis of the future of computing.







We have all equally inherited citizenship
from the previous generations.







Although many men used their position
to manipulate women for sex,
there are many women who have used their sex
to gain the position they're in.

There's always two sides to every story.







Someone in Hollywood needs to create a movie showing the American people
what would happen to the country infrastructure,
if half the current military budget were spent on infrastructure of the country,
instead of war tools.

Amazingly, even after cutting the budget in half,
the USA would still have the biggest military budget on the planet.







Contemplate the conclusions of extraordinary people.







God is the fabric of life.







Another valuable lesson for average young people;
your problems are much smaller than you realize.







Self-reflection is a vital ingredient in eternal consciousness.







Violent is a sad state to be in.







Everyone leaves a legacy.







The layers of meaning in life are overwhelming.








$110,000,000,000 sale of weapons is only a "tremendous deal"
for the Military Industrial Complex.

For the common people,
it's $110 billion dollars of weaponry blocking peace.

"jobs, jobs, jobs" that work towards War, War, War.

America's biggest export seems to be war,
if it's not already, it soon will be.







Americans voted a corporate businessman to be their president.
Now they are going to find out what motivates a corporate businessman.

In the United States there are laws to protect citizens
from overly aggressive and often immoral business pursuits by businesses.
America is now finding out what happens
when a businessman becomes the leader of the same laws.

In the near future,
people will say that the American system of democracy
had so much potential but had a major flaw in its foundation.

i said this long ago, 1227X28NOV2004..








we are all students in different grades.







Music is mostly subjective.







Democracy would work better
if we paid more local tax than federal.

If this were the way,
the Military Industrial Complex
would have a hard time getting paid
and individual cities and towns would
have the necessities for a happy life.







The underlying reason republicans want a smaller government
is so that they can have bigger corporations.

It's an interesting fact that while republicans want
the government to be less involved in our lives and smaller,
they voted to allow corporations to get more involved in our lives and bigger.
Corporations can now legally monitor, log and analyze us.

It's one thing that a corporation monitors us without our conscious permission,
it's a whole other thing.... when the government legalizes it.


Years ago i wrote,

"The lack of separation of business and state
is the downfall to American democracy."

If you don't understand my statement
or have come to the conclusion that i'm wrong,
open your eyes and aim your ears because we are all
about to understand my prediction, all too well.

If you have a seatbelt,
now is a good time to click it.







Elise Testone is better than any competition and most tones.







i'm very lucky to say,
i hope i have the same neighbors in Heaven.

i live in a pleasant neighborhood.







The only way it gets done,
is if we do it.







Somehow i want to make everyone i've ever known my friend.







Fame is more of a curse than a blessing.







Hell is a state of mind and spirit, not an actual place.







If we don't try to protect the air with some sort of regulations,
will we be content if the rate of cancer expands to 100%?







Any politician that doesn't listen to their opponents
and debate the issues at hand,
isn't mature enough to serve the people.







We are all sons and daughters of God.
Jesus was the first.







A wise man once said,
"A house divided falls".

America is falling.







"People of Color"

hmmmm, "white" is a color, why the exclusion?

Ironically, 99% of people on Earth are a shade of brown.







If some people believe that God is Love,
how could anyone that is a believer or a non-believer,
treat those people with anything other than respect?

Maybe, eventually, love (Philia)?







Time doesn't fly, it drags.
i'm amazed about how much i've done in 10 years.

There is an abundance of time, even one called eternity.