Philosophy of X





A father's sole purpose for a son
is to teach him to be a better man than himself.







There is a rich history in each and every one of us.
Explore and learn about all your brothers and sisters.







Although Helen Keller was considered blind and deaf,
she actually saw and heard better than most.







When we die, we continue.







We are all stepping stones
for each other.







VR/360 is a big change to the modern world,
be cautious.







It's amazing to watch the lack of representation
by the traditional black leaders,
for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jessie, Al,
aren't you guys committed to movements
such as Black Lives Matter?

Why the silence?







If people didn't commit violent crimes and resist arrest,
90% of the cases that "Black Lives Matter" are protesting wouldn't exist.

Martin Luther King never defended such violent criminals.







We can't quite live up to being completely like Jesus,
but we can strive for second place.







Make your home and neighborhood on Earth reflect
what you hope your home and neighborhood would be in the heavens.







The most important lesson i can think of for young people,
is to open your ears to older people that you trust and respect.







The solution to the current "black" people/police problem in America
can be solved by asking "black" cops their honest opinions
on the issues at hand.

Kinda makes sense that they might have some great insight,
they can view this problem from a "black" person's perspective
and as a police officer.







The incredible thing about Prince is
that he just made that up.







We would have a way better world if we can
simply start complimenting more than we criticize.







If you have a pet,
you've become a god.







Our ancestors might have come from here or there,
but we are all from smack dab right here.







Language is fluid and actively evolving,
every second of every day.







Another senseless death. Another innocent victim.
Another selfish murderer who has no regard for someone else's life.

In reading the comments on the net
about the senseless murder of

Christina Grimmie


i find people talking about needing more gun laws or to ban guns.
This argument has been going on for years because violence and murder
have been out of control in the United States for years.
After every daily shooting,
we still find this same argument being debated.
The problem with banning guns is that "where there's a will there's a way".
If the will of someone is to murder, then that person will find a way.

Stabbed to Death

Strangled to Death

Beaten to Death



The problem with this murder/violence isn't the weapon used to kill,
it's the mindset of the killer.
Without this mindset there would be no such thing as murder,
not even one.

What is it that shapes the murderer's mindset?

To answer this question,
we have to look closer at a culture that breeds this type of person.
i'm sadly recommending starting this study in the United States.
This is where this type of murder is most common.


So my idea to help stop tragedies such as this, is only a "Step 1".
We need to recognize the true root of the problem.
Many people need to stop barking up the wrong tree.
It's not the choice of weapon that's a problem,
it's the fact that a person has made a choice to murder.

Once this fact is understood, we can finally begin
to heal this horrible spiritual cancer within society.
Until this spiritual cancer is dealt with,
"Meet and Greets" and the rest of an open and happy society
will hide behind thicker and thicker security.
We've been moving that direction for decades
and it's a sad state to be in.







Long before there was ever an earth,
there were many stars.
Think about stars.







The lesson i learned from Prince is....
2 b U.







As long as you're still on Earth,
there is time to help.







The stronger we are psychologically and spiritually,
the stronger our happy existence is,
for eternity.







Thank U 0(+>







i can only be,
the best you can see in me.







If a society doesn't like the mindsets of its people,
that society needs to be a better people.







Wholesome is a type of person that's going extinct.







I know it's not politically correct,
but things need to be said.
Why do i see what appears to be a larger percentage
of "black people" in the news for violent crimes?

Before we pass judgment on police
by assuming that their actions are racially based,
consider whether or not the people being apprehended
have actions that are criminally based.

Common sense tells me to side with those that are trying to stop crime,
rather than those who commit them.
i believe this regardless of what skin tone each side has.







When we die,
we move into the spiritual realm.
We are here to prepare for that world.
From what i hear,
Love governs all.







It's not about race or even gender,
those are just masks covering the real issue on Earth.
Earth's real battle is not between black or white,
male or female, underneath it's about the rich
and their exploitation of the poor.
I believe Martin Luther King died because
of his declaration of this fact.







What if when you get to Heaven
you can only have as great a Heaven
as you can imagine on Earth?
What if your happiness there was limited,
to the best you could imagine happiness here?







There are 2 inversions of self.
One positive and one negative.
We stand smack dab in the middle.








If you want to take Windows to the next level,
let'me know..







i'm just another brother living my time on Earth.
Everybody needs to learn to get along,
because all of us, are all we have.







Earth was created in Heaven's image.
Earth has slowly but continually drifted,
further and further from that image.
But along the way mankind's image of Heaven
has continually grown toward the heavens.







If machines are taught to write code,
Watch out!







A person is less criminal, much happier, respectful, nicer
and possesses so much more potential
when they can afford the necessities to feed a body and mind.

Help your brothers and sisters.







How can consciousness be none other than
the spirit experiencing flesh?







The world's resources have been converted to money.
That money is being stacked up by the few,
depriving the many of life resources.
Food, clothing, shelter, etc........







Just chase love,
then everything else you want
will follow.