Philosophy of X





I just thought of a possible way for the common people
to fix government so it serves the common people,
not the corporations and special interest groups.

Only vote for government representatives who have
actually held a 40 hour a week job for at least 20 years.
Those that have actually experienced common life
are most likely the ones who would have the best chance
at successfully managing it.

Lifelong politicians needs to be a thing of the past.

This might not be a cure for the corrupt government,
but it's obviously a step in the right direction.







We read about all sorts of horrible acts
committed by Christians all the time.
Don't misunderstand Christianity because of this.
Christians are not Christianity, Jesus's philosophy is.
If you want to understand Christianity,
study Jesus not Christians.







You can be found in an inversion of self + current self =U.







Time will fold.







In the heavens there is no holy land,
just unlimited land.







If you look back and don't see immaturity,
then usually we need to widen our eyes.







Study the U that you project to people.







It's gonna be a sad day when we're studying trees on the computer
because they've gone extinct in the real world.

You can doubt my words, but we're clearly headed in that direction.







Who you are is more important and true
than who you were.