Philosophy of X






Helping a teacher, helps the masses.







Nice people's actions inspire me to want to be nice.







When somebody commits murder then suicide,
they always fail to realize that once the suicide is complete,
the murdered will be in spiritual form, looking at them,
and asking why?

Then each goes where people are like themselves.







Act like you're in Heaven,
because U are.







One day mankind will figure out
that all religions and spiritualities are truly just one.
All people regardless of color, gender or culture,
are equally entitled to happiness and Heaven.







A scary place is a place where water
is expensive or non-existent.







Doing something good in the past
doesn't justify doing something wrong in the future.







Every religion that believes in a single prophet,
limits God's voice here on Earth.

In reality,
prophets are much more common on street corners than in temples.







There are so many lives spent
on fighting issues that don't exist in the heavenly realms,
that in Heaven you won't recognize the original soul
that was doing the fighting on Earth.

They're free now.





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