Philosophy of X





Either a witness who later recants needs to be prosecuted,
or if it's determined that a detective has coerced that witness
to testify to something that is known not to be true
then that detective should be prosecuted.
Defendants and society have the right to truth.







Without Man, there is no evil.







People all over the world are fighting machines in the sky,
soon the machines will be on the ground.

The United States is the inventor and implementor of the Matrix.
The Matrix is not just a fictional movie, it's currently a reality.
In some parts of the world, people are fighting machines daily.
We are now living amonst the Matrix 1.0 and it'll evolve like everything else.
And like everything else, it's neither good nor bad,
but the force driving it is.

Americans are not safe from this either.
There are currently plans to fly drones in the US, thousands of them.
Sure the corporate controlled politicians tell us
it's for monitoring and good reasons, they won't be armed.
This is what they said about the international use of drones.
Initially drones were simple remote control planes for surveillence,
but now they are fighter jets killing people.
Once the American public got use to the idea of monitoring with drones,
the government started using them for other killing purposes.
Kinda like when the American congress creates a new law.
They attach all sorts of littles things that slip into law
underneath the base idea that the public accepted.

The United States is truly a danger to the whole world.
It's no mystery why so many want to attack and destroy the United States.
Americans feel like "terrorists" attack innocent people,
but it's their tax dollars funding all the secret activities
of the no-so-innocent American government that generates this hatred.

If we use George W. Bush's logic, he said,
"get the terrorists and anybody supporting them"

Americans support the secret activities of the American government
and these secret activities are not always nice and fair.
It's no surprise that Americans get targeted too,
they're clearly the supporters of this secret activity of it's government.

How many times do i have to say this, people of America wake up.
Don't let your corporations/politicians continue to have their way with the world,
like they have for decades.

Do you really know what's done in your name,
in secret?

Why is it a secret?







At the root of most "terrorism" is politics, not crazy.







Churches and books are merely stepping stones
to a deeper spiritual you.
Neither goes with us when we die.
What does go with us is the lessons learned from those tools
and many other spiritual experiences along the way.







If a company's accountant ran his company into bankruptcy
due to mismanagement, he would no longer have a job.

he would have a hard time
getting another job managing finances.

Why is it that a mayor of a city that goes bankrupt,
still has a job?







World beware,
the US Navy slogan,

"A Global force for good" sounds dangerous.
There are 100,000+ dead Iraqis that probably disagree
with the USA being a global force for "good".
Who's decides what "good" is?
The lobbied, corporate American government?
What's their agenda?







If we view the issues at hand with an eternal perspective,
things get clearer.







There is a value in understanding where we came from
that helps us with an understanding of where we are.