Philosophy of X






Brown People

It's too bad so many people (of all shades of brown)
get hung up living their lives fretting over "color" or being a "color".

We are all shades of brown.
True white or black people are extremely rare.
i've only seen a handful of them in my light-brown life.

If i sit out in the sun a lot, my skin will get darker.
If generations of people do this their skin will be darker, naturally.
If i get less sun, my skin will get lighter.
If generations of people do this, their skin will be lighter, naturally.
i understand this theory of skin tone and i'm not even a scientist,
i have no degree.

If you asked me how i developed this true understanding,
i'd have to tell you, i used my eyes.
If you have faulty eyes, you might not understand.

There are deeper and more meaningful topics to grow into.
Millions miss those spiritually enlightening stories,
due to preoccupation with "color".

i agree with Martin Luther King when he stated,
that he can't change the hearts of men,
but he can change the laws that govern us.
Thank you Martin for your earthly life
in exchange for the new laws that exist now,
that keep all men legally equal in this country.

Now if we can get all people of all shades of brown,
to treat all brothers and sisters the way they want to be treated,
we might to start to see the hearts of men change also.

Of course skin tone is only one
of many ways people get hung up spiritually.
As time rolls forward,
less people are getting hung up on such a trivial issue as

If you want to avoid getting stuck in the same condition;


Don't prejudge someone base on their shade of skin.
i've found in my 39 years that bad, wicked, evil, good, great, intelligent, stupid,
talented, strong, weak, amazing and lost people come in all shades of brown.
Remember the old saying,
"Don't judge a book by it's cover"?


If you need to express someone's skin color
(like to a cop who asks for a description of a person),
tell it like you see it, Were they really white or black?
Or were they truly some shade of brown?
Maybe describe them as Caucasian or African, etc..


Don't become part of some organization that is based in skin tone.
So if a requirement to join the KKK, Black Panthers, "White" or "Black" clubs,
schools or organizations has something to do with shade of skin,
avoid affiliation.


Let's finally move to a colorless society,
because if you open your eyes and look,
you will rarely see the colors you project onto people.







When time stands still and U no longer need to climb the hill,
there exists a world for U and me.
A reality where Love is the attitude they live by for eternity.







After their Earthly death,
spirits tend to gravitate toward like spirits.
i hope you like your spirit.







The most obvious problem with most organized religions,
is the failure to recognize God in real-time.







If the American government would stop fucking with other cultures,
The United States would have far less problems and
need a far smaller defense budget.
That means a budget for everything else.
And we're talkin' BILLIONS.



i got an update to this story,

We're talking TRILLIONS.

For those that don't believe this to be true,







If it comes at you like a bear,
kill it like it's a bear.







In Heaven you're allowed to be
as beautiful as you want to be.







There never comes a point in your life,
when your life is taken from you (so-called "death").

We simply and naturally shed our physical bodies
and continue to exist, we just don't exist "on Earth".

If truth be told,
we exist everywhere, always.

The you that u'r building here,
is what you continue with there.

Welcome to Life.







Another $420,000,000 just got sent to Mars.
How many billions of dollars have we sent there?

All the world's people can be fed,
but our smart and rich people aren't so concerned about hungry people.

Maybe they can find a microbe on Mars.
i don't believe that a microbe was worth millions of starved people.
They could find a dog on Mars,
i still don't believe millions should starve
to feed the curiosity of the smart and rich.

But, if it was their child starving,
they'd create a riot.







Money doesn't bring u happiness,
happiness is deeper than that.







Perception is more complex than the average person realizes.







i just discovered that a man named Victor Love of Atlanta, Georgia
has written a book called "Philosophy of X".

This website has nothing to do with Victor's work.
The following ideas came from my journal over the last 15 years.
We both have a philosophy that is trying to achieve peace in the world,
but my philosophy doesn't cost $19.95, it's free.

i want as many people as possible to read my philosophies
in hopes that together we can solve world problems.
i put no dollar value in front of this philosophy
because i don't want to slow down anyone's interest
in reading these philosophies.
And more importantly,
i don't want to slow down a person's pursuit for world peace,
because of a price.

It costs very little to put a lot of useful information on a webpage.
It need not cost $19.95.
i pay less than that a month for my whole website,
documents, images, audio and video, 200gb of space total.
i'm willing to donate that cost out of my monthly wage for world peace.

Many great people gave their entire earthly lives to the pursuit of world peace,
and never charged a cent.

If you're interested in free philosophy
that might help our desperate situation on this planet,
or maybe the desperate situations within us,
browse the links on, they're free.

With much brotherly love,







To give Nuclear Weapons (WMD)
to another country is nuclear proliferation.
i believe, to create another nuclear bomb is also nuclear proliferation.

Any country who currently has nuclear weapons
also has the responsibility to diminish and eventually
eliminate their arsenal.
Especially if they are a country who believes other countries
shouldn't develop nuclear weapons.
The previous sentence really goes without saying,
we all know hypocricy is wrong.







Physical death is as natural as physical birth.
All earthlings will experience both.







Don't pray that God will be with you or me.
Understand that He is always present and
pray that we can somehow perceive His presence.







The dream is the door to Heaven.







When u die u go to a place where u try to fix the stuff
u messed up this time around.

U go to a place that's a step beyond u'r current reality,
that u currently call u'r life now.







The force that created and maintains Life.







At the root of scientific understanding is a question.
Any true scientist will be able to point to information
within his or her scientific field that is still unknown.

The conscious children of God are aware
that God is the collective unknown,
in addition to what is consciously known.
He is the reality we understand
and the realities we don't yet understand.







News at CNN

"The Supreme Court ruled against Raich two years ago,
saying that medical marijuana users and their suppliers
could be prosecuted for breaching federal drug laws
even if they live in a state such as California where
medical pot is legal."

Seems to me,
the federal government should be
challenging the state government,
not the individual.

If the individual can be held criminally liable,
then the state government is
an accessory to the crime.







There exists evidence of the Heavenly realms,
but few have the capacity to perceive.







If u spend u'r life righting u'r wrongs,
u'll mature spiritually,
even if u don't believe in a god.
Throughout history very few became conscious with God
(the Spiritual Father)







If my religion doesn't try to coexist with all other peoples,
based on peace, love and harmony,
i don't want my religion.