Philosophy of X






It's impossible to escape truth.
Even when you believe it will never be known,
Jesus said All things will be known.







i like the study of NDEs,
it keeps me up-to-date with modern Christianity.







Mankind is forgetting that when he prays
he's speaking directly to the Father.
God isn't something to believe in, He is all reality.

When you pray,
remember that you are speaking
not to what you believe in,
but to who you know (you're speaking to Him),
that's reality not belief.







Although David Chappell is considered a comedian,
he tells a sad story.







Eternity negates Time.







If u look close enough,
you'll see your father in your brother.
And that's a hint,
that the Father is in our brother.







Allah isn't some Muslim brand god,
Allah is God.

Americans mess this up more times than not.
If you call yourself "Christian" or "believe in God",
then you worship the same God as the Muslims,
you worship Allah.

This is a basic fact that
usually don't understand.







I've studied the words of the Christ and have a hard time believing
George W. Bush ever grasped the concepts that the Christ taught us.







For those who didn't know,
Karma also exists for societies as a whole.







God talks to us through the life around us, in real-time.







If u fear God, then you're practicing fearing God.
Do u wanna fear for Eternity?
Then Y practice fear?

Don't fear the Father,
love the Father.







Plants are smarter than humans,
they all reach for the Light.







Everybody's name is Earl.







In the news (CNN) today,

"Bush said their meeting was part of a "proactive"
diplomatic effort to determine how best to confront Iran
over its fledgling nuclear program and
"lay the foundation for peace.""


How about getting rid of our nuclear program
to show them that we mean peace?

Why aren't Americans doing this?

Why are so many Americans blind to the basic and obvious
hypocricy in George Bush's thoughts on Iranian nuclear weapons?

Even if Iran achieved the building of a nuclear weapon,
It would take many years and billions of dollars to catch up
to the the size of the current American nuclear arsenal.

Get this,
I'm not even an Iranian with some Iranian agenda to preach.
i'm just a Gaian, with basic common sense.

Things that make me go "hmmmm?"