Philosophy of X






In Heaven, no shields are required.







Biological is destined to failure.







The smartest bug (humans).







Hitler, Mengele and Bush,
these men were so far beyond average life that they lost touch
with the true value and essence of average life.

All appear to be murderers and all can fake like they care.







Once you have been to the other side,
there no longer exists a belief in Jesus, Love and God.

In the Heavens They are realities, whether you like it or not!
And, can be realities to the spirits of Gaia (Gaiaians).







Death is more like a metaphor than an end-of-life reality,
for the spiritual fact that there exists a part of every one of us
that needs to die, to move us closer to a more perfect spirit.







A beautiful woman is evidence that God is an artist.







The question to ask ourselves is,
Do you believe that your total self is materially based?

If not,
Do you believe that the non-material you transcends physical death?

If so,
How are you preparing for your co-existence there?







What a beautiful thing, to sit and watch the birds
flying and landing in the trees above.
There is a wilderness around us going about it's day.







i was just reading another story of another missing child in America.

If democracy is so great that it's worth killing hundreds of thousands
of human beings (someone's children) to install it in Iraq or anywhere else,
are the thousands of children missing, or the thousands of children
being exploited and molested all over the world every day,
worth the same?

i won't fight and kill so Bush and his friends can do business in Iraq,
but the moment i find the military that fights
for the lives of these exploited and molested children,
i'll fight.

Shouldn't somebody invade America to find missing children?
Couldn't the methods, efforts and equipment used to locate Saddam,
be used to find all these children?
These children were missing long before the Iraq wars
and the amazing American military might did nothing.

As far as i'm concerned,
the missing and exploited children of the world,
are the most valid reason for declaring an all out WAR.

All the people supporting the American democratic society need to ponder
what the priorities are of the American democratic agenda?

Things that make you go, hmmm.







Thank God for death or we'd never get out of here.







X is the individual within me (inner self), my microcosm.
Scott is the shell (outer self) that the world gave me.
Marriage is a common theme in symbolic form for death.
Could it be talking about the marriage of the inner and the outer selves?
And if it is the marriage of the inner and outer you,
are you gonna be content and happy with that result?
For eternity?







It's not the alcohol that kills you, it's you that kills you.
It's not the cigarettes that kill you, it's you that kills you.
It's not the chocolate that makes you fat, it's you that makes you fat.

Once you recognize where you've gone wrong,
it's your choice to choose it again.

We all have freewill once we recognize it.







Believe it or not, there is enough to go around.







We are all products (produced) of our environments,
what you choose to do with it produces you.







Imagine if the whole world,
instead of buying war tools,
aircraft carriers,
land mines,
nuclear warheads,

bought food, clothes and roofs.

Everyone would have necessities.