Philosophy of X






This new conflict "Bush's War on Terrorism"
is going to be referred to as WW3 in time.
It's amazing to watch America create a reason for War,
and now, inciting the rest of the world to go to War.
In other words, WW (World War).

Lord be with us.
We need your presence and help like never before.
Help us to understand your will,
so we can strive to apply your spirit in our lives.

In the spirit of the Christ Jesus,
which is your Spirit, Amen.......







Famous people live closer to the Archetypes.







God talks to you and i through everything.







It's not that everything is fake or not real,
it's that everything is spiritual or in other words,
a state of mind.







Don't fall into the fictitious belief
that Life ends with Death.
Death is a transition.







It's not how a word is spelled that makes it bad,
it's how it's used.







If people had the faith of a Muslim,
the peace of a Buddhist
and the message of Christianity,
God could rename Earth, "Heaven".







NASA has searched and continues to search for life in space,
but hasn't claimed to have found it yet.

I'm making that claim right now.

A star is born and a star dies.
When something on Earth is born or it grows, it is considered alive.
Therefore, a star is an extraterrestrial life-form at minimum.







Synchronicity is the Father's hand.
Dreams are His Heaven.
Gaia is His Garden.
Life is His Gift.







When the poor steal out of material need, not want,
there needs to be greater leniency.







Synchronicity is a sense.







You can't be humble to yourself.
The Christ was humble to the Father.
the Christ wasn't the Father, he was of the Father,
as you and i are of the Father.

2 plus 2 = 4

If you think that being amazed at what you can do is humility,
then you forgot that nothing happens without
the constant living helping hand of the Father.







The United States of America is an empire.







Spiritual blood exists.