Philosophy of X






Each scale is like a dialect of spoken language.
And like there are many spoken languages,
there are many scales and many modes of each
in the division of sound.







If i'm getting it together on the inside,
i'm falling apart on the outside.
If i'm falling apart on the outside,
i'm getting it together on the inside.







Love is the fuel that fuels your spirit for eternal life.
All you have to do is use it.







While inhabiting a body, don't forget to look within.







Death is an invitation.







If you can look, you can see God.







Each of us is a seed that grows.
What are you growing into?

Are you doubting we grow?







Anything added to love, dilutes love.
Try to find an understanding of love in its purest form.







Material will fade, what have you got after that?







Consciousness is ever expanding.
If you do it based in God, you'll live forever.
If you do it based in anything else,
you'll find a kink in your plan.







i dedicate my music to Deanna Jean.
i dedicate my words to the world.
i dedicate my love to my family and friends.
i dedicate my life to God.







All the good i did,
i did for Him.
All the evil i did,
i did for me.







One day we're gonna have to face God.
One day we'll realize there is nothing or nobody that can save our ass,
except something or someone as almighty as a God.

Humbled you'll be either now or later.
If you choose now, you'll discover the greatest tool
for knowledge, wisdom and love
anywhere in your microcosm and our macrocosm.







Pray that God sees the beauty in your friend.







God talks to you where you look for Him.







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