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There's evil in each of us,
God is only trying to help us clean it out.







In the News,

"Juvenile offender executed in Texas for 1990 slaying
January 25, 2000
Web posted at: 8:18 PM EST (0118 GMT)


A man was executed by injection Tuesday
for fatally shooting a female Laundromat clerk when he was 17.

Glen Alan McGinnis was convicted of shooting 30 year old Leta Ann Wilkerson
in the head, shoulders and back while stealing $140.

The Vatican, the European Union, the American Bar Association
and a collection of anti-death penalty groups
pleaded for the life of McGinnis, 27,
because he was a juvenile
when he killed Ms. Wilkerson in 1990.

McGinnis said in a recent interview
that he didn't want to use his difficult childhood
as an excuse for his crime.

After his father abandoned him,
the young man lived in a one-bedroom apartment
with a mother who traded sex for crack cocaine.
McGinnis was raped as a child
and beaten with an extension cord.

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Why not?...
The whole world needs to know about this,
sue me.


What a horrible crime Glen committed.
I'd be willing to bet money,
that if i was raised in the same environment,
i might very well have committed the same crime.
For me to have a hard time believing
that i could ever commit that crime,
is due to the fact that i wasn't raised
in the same environment.
i had a loving father and mother
who taught me to respect people, even animals.
i can't see me robbing a store and killing someone.
Had Glen had the same upbringing i had,
i'd put money on it, he'd probably be like me.

Oftentimes opportunities can make a difference.
It doesn't sound like Glen had much opportunity in his short life.

An important note about Glen
is that he didn't want to use his upbringing as an

"excuse for his crime."

If he won't, i will.

His upbringing had a major influence
on him having such a lack of respect
for another human being.

The amazing part about this statement by Glen,
is that it shows humility and recognition
of his fucked up ways.
This statement is proof that he matured beyond who he was,
but America still killed him.
He would have been a great spokesman for
positive changes in others who suffered through
and were shaped by that kind of rough childhood.

How can any of us "normal" people
ever think we can communicate and help people
with a mindset like young Glen?

If we only had someone who had had that mindset
and matured beyond it,
we could use this matured person
to relate, communicate and potentially heal others
with the same psychological scars and damage.

I'm a firm believer that his mind was twisted in a way
that makes him a potential danger to society,
so keep him locked up.
But he matured and became something
productive and positive from jail.

Glen was a waste of a matured mind.
Our society is in desperate need of mature people.