Philosophy of X





If you died today,
would you be happy if i told you
that the mind you have today,
is the mind you'll have for eternity?

Would you fix anything today?







Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dreams

Wait... let me get this straight,
we live in a world that our body won't make it out of here.

When we sleep,
we live in a world where we live without a body.

Seems to me we should take interest in that world.

You wanna make it outta here?

So, what do you think of dreams?







If you study the Christ,
but don't hang out with all the other local Christians (denominations), divided.







God is manipulating our life
to shape us into a beautiful spirit
that can endure all time
(synchronicity and dreams).







When interpreting a dream of a close friend
(in the spiritual sense),
keep in mind that it closely resembles
an answer to your own life.
This is because the friend is probably
very similar to your likes and dislikes,
your righteousness and wickedness.
The faults you see in your close friend
are probably in you, in a smaller or larger dose.







A good shaman is a teacher of fishing.







When studying the different denominations of spirituality,
look for the good and bad qualities in each.







There is a danger in thinking
you're actually prepared for God.
We have to constantly recheck ourselves.







God shows us what's wrong,
we just don't want to look (introspection).







Life is the story of the study of the Self
via God's eyes.







In every decision there is always
someone to lead you to the one answer
and also someone to lead you to the opposite answer,
ponder the answer.







Understand projections,
then learn to care.